Welcome to an exclusive, creative, and collaborative space, specifically designed for professionals.

This is a call to work together, to dare to innovate, to discover new methodologies, and to experiment with novel techniques.

All of this is driven by a singular goal: the journey of learning and teaching, and the shared passion and joy for the culinary arts.


Osvaldo and Luciano

Renowned pastry chefs Osvaldo Gross and Luciano García engaged in a collaborative session where, through their experience and expertise, created two recipes.

Pamela and Belén

Pamela Villar and Belén Melamed, two of the current most renowned pastry chefs, were brought together in a unique collaboration. Their varied backgrounds and extensive expertise served as the perfect blend to design two recipes as a team.

Juan Manuel and Martín

In a new CoLab session, Juan Manuel Herrera, renowned boulanger and pâtissier, and Martín Renó, Milkaut Profesional’s Corporate Chef, worked collaboratively on two modern recipes, sharing and exchanging experiences and ideas.