MasterClass IWAO


Iwao Kamiyama

From Japan to Córdoba and Rosario

In March, along with the master and creator of the “Sushi and Nikkei Latin American Cuisine”, Iwao Kamiyama, we had the pleasure of developing two extraordinary MasterClasses, where the renowned chef taught us all the secrets to prepare delicious Hot Roll of salmon and mango, Geisha of salmon and Breaded shrimp roll, with the perfect consistency and texture of our Cream Cheese for Sushi.

Both events took place at the headquarters of the Gastronomic Institute of the Americas, in Rosario as well as in Córdoba. Nearly 60 owners of culinary establishments from these cities were invited to take part in this unique experience.

Participants had the opportunity to learn, sample our Cream Cheese, and received a Milkaut Profesional kit as a present, which included a product sample, as a memento of the event.