Sliced Cheese


Emmenthal Slices

The Milkaut Profesional Emmenthal bar contains a stack of regular, easy to handle and ready to use slices. Such practicality combines with the characteristic flavour of Emmenthal (sweet, slightly fruity and spicy) and an ideal melt.

Ideal melt Ideal melt

Creamy texture Creamy texture

Sweet, slightly fruity and spicy Sweet, slightly fruity and spicy

Gluten-free Gluten-free

Keep refrigerated between 1 and 10 °C

Article: 3039
GTIN-13: 7794820903148
DUN-14: 17794820903145
Presentation: Bar
Units per Package: 4
Weight per Unit: 2,370 kg
Weight per Package: 9,480 kg
Packages per pallet: 90
Weight per Pallet: 853,200 kg
Shelf Life: 180 days

Prato cheese and/or semi-hard cheeses (pasteurized milk, sodium chloride (salt), calcium chloride, rennet, lactic ferments. Colouring: natural urucum), butter, water, skimmed milk powder, starch, casein, sodium chloride (salt). Stabilizers: sodium citrate and sodium polyphosphate. Flavoring: Emmenthal cheese natural scent. Anti-caking agent: soy lecithin. Acidulant: citric acid. Preservative: sorbic acid. Colourings: natural urucum and paprika.

Serving size 30 g

Energy value112 kcal = 469 kJ (6% DV)
Carbohydrate of which2.3 g (1% DV)
- Total sugars1.7 g
- Added sugars0 g
Protein4.8 g (6% DV)
Total fat9.3 g (17% DV)
Saturated fat5.7 g (26% DV)
Trans fats0.5 g
Dietary fiber0 g (0% DV)
Sodium311 mg (13% DV)
Calcium134 mg (13% DV)

Uses and applications

  • Hamburgers
  • Pizzas
  • Hot sandwiches
  • Wraps